As a full service real estate company we have been very fortunate to service the majority of relocation companies that are based in North America.

Crown Relocations is an organization that I view as a Leader within the industry. With all sincerity and great pride, Crown Relocations is not viewed as a Client but as a strategic PARTNER

Crown is an organization that collaborates on strategy, incremental revenue streams and best practices.

I am very proud to say that I have been selected as a supplier to work with Crown Relocations.

Arun Mehta
Richmond Realty Group (Ontario) Inc. Brokerage

I have worked for Crown Relocations as a service partner for the past seven years.

Throughout this time Crown has always shown themselves to being both fair and trustworthy. A true partner.

I have especially come to treasure their reliability, their open line of communication and their vast professionalism. For all of their size they have never lost the realisation of the importance of being human. Crown always give the feeling of being a valuable part of a larger team.

At this point in time I would like to voice my appreciation for the fantastic cooperation and look forward to many years of the same.

Hans-Jurgen Zawar
Managing Director
ALS – European Moving Coordination

Having partnered with Crown in Canada since 2006, Welcomehome Relocations has enjoyed a great association with Crown and its growth in Canada. We have also been recognized on 2 separate occasions by Crown for service delivery excellence, once in 2008 as Crown Canada’s Service Partner of the Year, and most recently with Crown’s ‘Being THERE’ award, recognizing our availability and responsiveness to Crown’s requests. We enjoy working with Crown personnel and hope that we will continue to be a partner of choice for Crown’s needs in the future.

Judy McDougall
Servicing 40 Canada locations

Working with Crown Relocations as a vendor partner has been a wonderful experience. Their RFP process was very professional and transparent. Not only did they show compassion with  regards to our financials needs; they were “up front”,  and kept us current on the decision making process.

As one of their preferred vendors, our companies have mutually benefited. During our roll out period, their entire organization was very receptive to bringing Custom Movers Services on board. The Crown Relocations management team leaders always express a level of equality and team spirit when it comes to ensuring mutual prosperity amongst their suppliers.  Not only do they strongly convey the importance of collaboration in order to maintain exceptional service levels, and fiscal goals for their company; but as a team, they have made it very easy to align our systems, operational objectives, and incentives programs to insure a healthy bottom line for CMS as well. 

It has been a very prosperous relationship for all, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership for many years to come. 

Best Regards

Mark Southerland
Custom Movers Services
Stow, Ohio, USA

Crown's mobility consultants are very friendly, open and easy to approach.

When there’s an issue, Crown's consultants are very responsive and willing to work thru the issue until it is resolved.

We feel that working with Crown is like working with a team, that we have formed a partnership working toward a common goal

Kay Munger, CRP
VP, Operations Director
Fidelity National Title
Troy, Michigan, USA

Taylor Moving & Storage has been doing business with Crown for many years. We have worked together on 207 moves together in the past 3 years alone – many files! I would like to categorize what I believe to be the strengths of working with Crown.

Your Management Team:

I appreciate I am able to call or come over, and discuss challenges face to face. The Crown management team understands the challenges of a household goods mover. Always open, and emphatic, Crown management listens, and works with us as a partner not just a supplier. We work together on processes, situations, and any other matter to develop a win/win/win solution. Win to Crown/Win to Taylor/ and most importantly Win to the client and/or transferee. 

Your front line team

Crown move relocation specialists are always accessible, and well versed in household goods moving. Our team can speak with the Crown team as peers. They work well together, and enjoy helping our clients together. We have a special relationship, and one I admire and respect.

Many relocation firms treat their providers as just vendors. Crown works with my company as a partner, and we honor our relationship.

Russ Taylor
President & CEO
Taylor Moving & Storage
Toronto, Canada

Portland Brown have worked with Crown for three years now and are privileged to be considered a preferred supplier for temporary housing.

I am always impressed with the speed of response, attention to detail and friendly attitude of everyone we deal with. 

Information is always clear and transparent and I truly feel that Crown value their suppliers and work hard to protect their interests.  When there has been a problem everyone has worked proactively to facilitate a fast and fair outcome and I know how focused everyone is on keeping every assignee happy.

I look forward to continuing the relationship in the years ahead.

Nathan Lovegrove
Business Development Director
Portland Brown
Bristol, U.K.

We have been working with Crown Worldwide in the UK for a number of years and have built up a very strong, professional and friendly working relationship with them.  Both our organizations work hard to ensure that we listen and learn from each others' challenges and successes.  As well as being highly approachable, the Crown team have always been proactive in sharing new process improvement ideas and efficiency-saving initiatives with us.  This genuine  partnership has helped our business grow, in terms of both revenues and services.

Andrew Scott
Vice-President Operations
London, U.K.