About Crown Worldwide Group

The Crown Worldwide Group is a privately held company and the divisions that make up the group share a common quality – the experience and insight to know how to accomplish anything, from the complex to the routine. The Group was founded in 1965 and now operates in 60 countries around the world, with headquarters in Hong Kong.

As a service organisation, with a wide geography and a diverse business,there are many ways for partners to benefit from working with Crown Worldwide Group.

If, like us, you’re excited by the idea of serving global companies, or if you have special expertise that our customers might need in your part of the world, then becoming a partner makes good business sense.

Discover the benefits of working with Crown Worldwide

As a partner you’ll increase your opportunities for business growth by working with us to deliver great service to our global customer base. We provide support for all those partners that consistently deliver the Crown promise, at a cost that offers value-for-money to our customers.

You can expect us to help you grow your business in many ways:

  • Offering more business to high performers
  • Reducing your need for marketing activity
  • Providing opportunities to improve your knowledge on key industry topics
  • Providing an accreditation scheme that is recognised throughout the Crown network and our customer community
  • Improving your business credibility by association with a market leader
  • Providing you with opportunities to work with partners in other parts of the world.

Our aim is to create sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships that offer the greatest quality for the lowest cost, and enhance the value of Crown to its customers.

We realise that real value comes through long-term partnerships, and we hope that you’re in it for the long term too.

For an unbiased view, why not read what some of our existing partners say about working with Crown.

Who works with us?

As we grow and as our customers’ needs change,  there is an increasing opportunity for Crown to work with partners across the world.

The diversity of companies we work with in part reflects the breadth of our customer needs, and also our growth as a global company. Partners can range from individuals possessing specialist skills to large, multi-territory, organisations.

Understandably, it calls for reliable processes and clear agreements in order to operate efficiently. But whatever the type of service, or size of the partner, we value the contribution they make to our organisation and will treat each relationship with integrity, openness and honesty.

Crown Worldwide group has a Code of Conduct to which all partners must make a formal commitment. We also have established values that guide everything we do and we expect our partners to demonstrate them when serving our customers.

How we select partners

Despite being a global company, size is not the primary criteria for choosing to work with a partner. Our selection process includes several factors such as:

  • does the partner have the ability to provide the service?
  • can the partner demonstrate the quality of service to be provided?
  • what will the cost be?
  • what support will the partner need to provide services to our customers?
  • how easy will it be to work together?

To ensure our customers receive a consistent quality of service from by our partners, Crown Worldwide takes steps to qualify those working with us and will regularly seek renewal of qualification. To become an approved partner to Crown, you’ll need to provide and verify certain information about your business. We’ll also want to formalise our partnership with an agreement that sets out our mutual responsibilities. From the point of indicating an interest to the point of working with us takes, on average, about four weeks.

Crown Accreditation Programme

At Crown, we believe the value of our relationship is driven by more than just the payment of an invoice. Once a partner joins our team, we see it as the start of a journey. Over time, partners can enhance their status in a variety of ways:

  • the quality of service provided measured by our customers and Crown staff,
  • the demonstration of our brand values when working with us,
  • a willingness to update us information as and when requested,
  • engagement in our partner education programme,
  • contributing to our combined wisdom by sharing knowledge.

By demonstrating commitment to all of these things over a sustained period, partners have the opportunity of attaining Elite status, becoming a preferred option, when we are looking for service provision.

Code of conduct

A commitment to service excellence is fundamental to the philosophy of Crown Worldwide Group.

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“Working with Crown Relocations as a vendor partner has been a wonderful experience. Their RFP process was very professional and transparent...”

Mark Southerland
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